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About Us

About Us

At Captive Reptiles, we are both a reptile breeder and a retailer like no other.
Our goal is to sell the highest quality reptiles in the industry.
We will lovingly care for our animals as long as they are with us.
All reptiles in our breeding stock and for sale are provided with adequate heating, lighting, watering, food and supplements on a daily basis.
Shortcuts are not allowed.
We stock a wide range of captive-raised reptiles, including colubrids, boas, ball pythons, monitor lizards, lizards, turtles, tortoises, amphibians and invertebrates.
We also have everything you need to provide your reptile with a happy home.
We carry cages, lights, bedding, decorations, frozen rodents, live rodents, edible insects, crickets, cockroaches, and more.
Most of our products are personally used, tested, and approved.
This allows us to provide first-hand knowledge of how the product works.
Additionally, many of the reptiles we sell are raised in private breeding facilities located on our premises.
We keep a variety of our favorite reptiles there.

We are licensed with Fed Ex to ship live animals overnight. Shipping is Mon-Thurs across the continental USA.
All Reptiles provides a personal service unlike any other in this industry. We cater to a niche market which is rapidly becoming more mainstream every year and growing in demand by children, young professionals, and whole families alike. We are incredibly open to the public about how we run our business and even have an on-site breeding room open to the public where you can see all the magic happening right
2008 was the year it all started when a few friends got together and decided that our community needed a place to go where reliable information can be obtained for exotic reptile pets. Reliable information and a steady supply of feeders was something that was both hard to find and very expensive until All Reptiles was set up as a node of collective information and experience. Since then, 2 of 3 of the original owners have moved on to other endeavours but Karen is still here and is taking it to new levels every year!before your eyes!
All Reptiles is a firm believer in captive bred animals and supports all local breeders in order to diminish the need for importing wild caught animals. We are also avid supporters of reptile rescue groups such as Little RESq as well as the Toronto Humane Society and the SPCA. We promote responsible ownership and ongoing education for all our staff and customers alike. We also occasionally offer free seminars on various reptile essentials such as proper sexing, husbandry, breeding, and illnesses.

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