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These ancient reptiles are incredible examples of toughness. The menu below displays our crocodilians for sale, including alligators, dwarf caimans, and crocodiles. When you buy a crocodilian from us, you are guaranteed it will arrive alive and in excellent condition. We also have alligator food pellets for your alligators, caimans, and crocodiles.

Alligators For Sale online 

Alligators for sale. Alligators once faced extinction. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service placed them on the endangered species list in 1967. Fortunately, the legal protection worked. Just 20 years later, American alligators were taken off the list. Except for the American and Chinese Alligators, which inhabit moderate climates, all crocodilians are tropical. They feature large, tooth-filled snouts, four legs, and hefty bodies. They are predatory carnivores with underwater hearing, sight, and smell. Their pupils are elliptical, and they have superb night vision. The Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman is the smallest, measuring less than six feet, and the Saltwater Crocodile is the largest, reaching a maximum length of twenty feet (6 meters) (1.8 m)

American Alligators For Sale

Having been saved from extinction, nearly a million of these reptiles are still alive today. Alligators are currently most at risk from habitat loss brought on by human activities like draining and creating wetlands.

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