Monitor Lizards for Sale

Below is our list of available monitor lizards for sale. You can buy Savannah monitors, Nile monitors, Water monitors, as well as many other incredible species. Highly carnivorous with insatiable appetites, it’s always an adventure feeding these lizards. There are very few reptiles as impressive, or as intelligent, as monitors. They are without question some of the most entertaining lizards in the world, and if you buy a monitor lizard from us, it is guaranteed to arrive alive and in excellent condition.

Why Buy a Monitor from us:

Not only will you get high quality monitor lizard, but you can always come back and ask us for tips or questions. We want you to enjoy your monitor lizard and give it the best possible care.

When you buy a Monitor Lizard from us, be assured your getting a top notch, healthy animal with all our guarantees

Monitor Lizards

One of the coolest, and diverse type of lizards you can find.

The monitor lizards for sale are field collected unless noted. Our monitor lizards are top notch, and at great low prices.

Reptile rapture only offers the best monitors for sale anywhere. Size and descriptions found when you click on the name of the monitor lizard.

The monitor lizards for sale have overnight shipping, and live arrival guarantee.

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